Wild Things Animal Feed

Balanced healthy foods, treats and supplements for free range chickens. Made from 100% natural ingredients and packed with vitamins & minerals.

Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from local farms. 100% natural, with no GM crops, you can be assured your chickens are eating a balanced, healthy, natural food. We've even put all this goodness into a compostable bag to care for the environment as well as our feathered friends!

F&B Chick Crumbs

Feathers & Beaky Chick Crumbs is the ideal food for chicks up to 8 weeks old. The blend of natural wholesome ingredients ensures you're offering your chicks the correct balanced diet. We recomend feeding on a 'keep freely available' basis.

4kg - £6.45
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F&B Chicken Grit

Feathers & Beaky Chicken Grit is a mixture of flint grit and limestone grit, oyster shell, cockle shell and charcoal.

Flint grit acts like teeth in the crop to help chickens grind up their food.

Limestone grit, oyster & cockle shell have a high mineral content, including the all-important calcium, for good shells on their eggs.

Charcoal enhances the palatability of food and aids digestion.

5kg - £5.99

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F&B Layers Pellets

Feathers & Beaky Layers Pellets is for hens over 16 weeks.

Feathers & Beaky Layers Pellets is also suitable for cockerels and roosters. Layers pellets should be a chicken's main diet, with any treats being fed late in the day. 

We include natural extracts of paprika, marigold and alfalfa (no articial pigments) to give a rich yellow colour to the egg yolks. We also add limestone and dicalcium phosphate to provide calcium for strong bones and eggshell development.

We recommend free feeding.

5kg - £6.99

15kg - £12.75
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F&B Chicken Treat

Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat is a little different from the traditional mixed corn. We've gathered all the things that chickens love and mixed them into a deliciously good treat.

A chicken's crop only holds around 100g of feed, so we advise feeding Chicken Treat after they've finished their layers pellets to ensure they get all their nutritional requirements. We recommend feeding about 20g per day, either scattered on the ground or from your hand.

5kg - £8.49


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F&B Easy Grow Wheatgrass NEW

Feathers & Beaky Easy Grow Wheatgrass is packed with vitamins and minerals and your chickens will love it all year round. Our wheatgrass is specially selected for it's quick growth and it has a minimum germination rate of 95% which is so much better than cheaper wheat. It's easy and fun to grow, just follow the simple instructions here.

And here's a video showing how much they like it! Click here

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