Spikes Hedgehog Food

There’s nothing spiky about Spike’s hedgehog food – just naturally nutritious and delicious ingredients.

Hedgehogs... prickly little customers

At Spike’s we know about the simple pleasures hedgehogs bring to your garden. The sight of your friendly neighbourhood hedgehog snuffling around on the lookout for food always warms the heart.

The gardener’s friend

Hedgehogs provide a great source of organic pest control. They’ll happily munch their way through a variety of garden pests as they patrol your grounds on the lookout for slugs, snails, centipedes and other little critters.

But, these days, hedgehogs need a helping hand. Leaving food out regularly will attract hedgehogs to your garden, help control pests, and most importantly help the hedgehogs get all the nutrition they need. Please don't forget to leave a shallow bowl of water out too, especially during dry spells.

Delicious hedgehog food

That’s why we developed the Spike’s range of hedgehog foods. So you can attract hedgehogs to your garden and enjoy all the benefits they bring.

Start feeding Spike’s to your hedgehogs for healthy hogs and happier gardens.


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