Wild Things Animal Feed

Like everything in Spike’s World, all our wild animal foods have been created with our real customers in mind. The creatures you’re lovingly feeding.

Alongside our specialist recipes created for foxes, badgers and hedgehogs, there’s a range for web footed feathered friends too – the Wildthings Duck & Swan food won’t sink to the bottom as soon as you throw it in – helping prevent water pollution by remaining edible long enough to get eaten!
swan and duck food

Wildthings Swan & Duck Food

Wildthings Swan & Duck Food is a small, dry nugget that floats on water, remaining accessible to the birds for longer and helping to prevent the water pollution caused by decaying food.  As well as being far more nutritious than bread, it is also extremely tasty!!

1.5kg - £5.99

5kg - £13.99

NEW SIZE 12kg - £25.99

hedgehog food

Wildthings Hedgehog Food


Hedgehogs are nocturnal and welcome regular meals left out at dusk in a shallow dish. Wildthings Hedgehog Food is a selected blend of dried fruit, mealworms, nuts and crunchy nuggets that hedgehogs love - but most cats and dogs don’t!!

2kg - £8.39

swan and duck food

Wildthings Badger & Fox food

Badgers are nocturnal and foxes are more active at night, so food for both should be left out at dusk.

Wildthings Badger & Fox Food is a selected blend of meat protein, carbohydrates and fats, with added vitamins and minerals, and the crunchy nuggets are the size and shape they love.


6kg £11.99